What’s the story?

Kadivalam is about the wedding between the son of the village Zamindar, Dinesh and the eldest daughter of his accountant, Siri. Dinesh is the only son of the Zamindar, so the wedding is very grand. No one in the village has ever seen anything of this scale. There is unlimited meat and liquor for all, every person in the village is invited, the village is decorated in lights and there are fireworks shooting upward every few seconds, in the sky.

Everyone is dressed their best, the women are jealous that a girl as simple looking as Siri is set to marry the most eligible man in town. Koushik, Nani and Srinu, three best friends who have known both known Siri and Dinesh since childhood, though not very closely, are loitering around Dinesh’s extravagantly decorated house. They sit on a bench nearby, estimating the expense of the wedding when one of them spots Dinesh and Siri discreetly walking in a narrow lane behind them. Shocked at seeing the newly married couple out on a street so late in the night, they decide to follow them.

They’re utterly shocked to see Dinesh taking his wife to her house and leaving her there. What unfolds is a tragic ending to something that started off as a fairytale wedding, reasons deeply rooted in ignorance, false sense of pride and honor.


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