The characters


The Wife- Siri:

She’s the eldest daughter to her parents. Her father works as the zamindar’s accountant and mother runs the household. She has a younger sister and 2 younger brothers. She has a few friends who are into tailoring and embroidery work. She mostly prefers to keep it to herself except when she opens up to some of her friends. When Dinesh came to their house first, she had never expected that he would choose to marry her. She had never even seen him properly before she was asked to marry him. But because he was the zamindar’s son and her father worked for them, she couldn’t refuse the match.  Although her friends had given her a vivid description of how the first night was going to be, she still felt very shy and unprepared. When she sees that there was no blood stain on the sheet, she doesn’t understand what it is or why her husband was reacting so strongly, till she gets home and her mother starts beating her up.

The Husband- Dinesh:

He is the zamindar’s only son. After his father met with an accident, permanently injuring his right foot, he took over his father’s duties.  His parents got married when his father was 18 and mother was just 12. He was born a year after the marriage. When he was 3 years old, his mother ran away from home. The entire village, including the father assumed that she must have run away with another man. His father never tried to find her. Dinesh grows up to be a short tempered man. Although he is not so bad at heart, people fear him because he loses control over himself at times. All his life Dinesh was constantly reminded about how his mother ran away. Because he feels so much shame for something that is not his fault and is not under his control, he starts to develop certain ideals for a woman. His ideas of a pure, faithful woman is someone who is not much educated, who is passive and has never liked a man before let alone have a physical relationship with him. Hence, when he sees that his wife didn’t bleed after consummation, he quickly concludes that she is not someone who is capable of being faithful. To protect his own insecurity, he throws her out of the house on the first night itself.

Brother  1– Shivudu:

He’s the son born to the parents after Siri was born. He’s a complete chauvinist because he’s always been given special treatment by his parents. Now that the father is ageing, he has almost become the decision maker of the family. he refuses to listen to his parents for anything anymore. He thinks women are only meant to be in the Kitchen or in bed. He’s the kind who would force himself on his woman. He has started taking over his father’s job with the Zamindar and is even liked by him for his sincerity. So he feels all the more powerful. When the sister comes back home on the first night, it’s not only the family that she has shamed but also put his zamindar . This doubles his rage.

Brother 2 – Nagraju :

He was the second son born to his parents after a gap of 3 years. So he didn’t get the special attention of a baby boy that his brother got. Nevertheless, he was loved by his family. Always treated as the child of the family, despite there being a younger sister to him. He likes spending time with his mother, although he’s not very close to his sisters, whenever he spent time with them, he was ridiculed by his older brother for being “such a girl”.  The father was too busy during his formative years so he didn’t get to know him much. The village constantly compared him to his brother, this had Nagaraju trying to ape his brother who the village accepts and appreciates. He’s too scared of his brother’s rage Although, he often expresses his opinions, he never asserts it. When his sister is abandoned by her husband, he feels pity for her and on some level feels that she might be telling the truth about her innocence. But when his brother asks him to get a knife, almost like a reflex action, he forgets his own reasoning and follows the brother’s orders.

Younger sister- Amruta:

She is 2 years younger than the bride and knows almost everything about her. Although she’s never been as sharp as her sister, her most natural relationship is with her. When her sister is abandoned by her husband, she is as confused as her. She too knows fully well that her sister is innocent, but since she’s the younger daughter, she doesn’t find the courage to say so.

Siri’s Mother:

Although she’s not the most dominating person in the family, she has her place and her say in important matters. She’s someone who has come to believe that there are gender roles to play and it’s best if we follow them at least to avoid conflict. She didn’t want to have a 3rd and a 4th child, but was forced to because her husband wanted sons. When the daughter comes back home after the wedding night, she starts beating her up more because she sees it as her own failure as a mother of protecting her child and she feels so helpless.

Siri’s Father:

Once a very assertive young man, now he is retired from all his duties. He used to work as the accountant for the zamindar. Hence, when the zamindar expresses interest in his daughter, he considers it his good fortune that a man of such a high stature has considered his family. That’s why he is infuriated when Dinesh abandons his daughter because she not only let him down and also tarnished the reputation of his boss’s family.

Boy 1 – Koushik:

He is a boy, who hailed from the same village, but now resides in a nearby town. He’s never discriminated between girls and boys because his parents never did it nor did his school. When the incident with Dinesh and Siri happens, he gets very disturbed. He finds Dinesh to be extremely arrogant and feels pity for Siri that her fate landed her in a house like Dinesh’s where she would never have a voice. He’s surprised to see Srinu’s reaction to this. He finds him to be very naive and conservative Someone who doesn’t question much of what goes on around. He tries to reason with him, but fails at it. He stays with the two out of curiosity to see what happens ultimately. At times, he feels like intervening but Srinu and Nani don’t allow him to do so. He gets very irritated with Srinu that he turned out to be such a coward. Siri is also someone they’ve all known since childhood and have probably played with once or twice.

Boy 2 – Nani :

Nani’s father shifted to this village when he was 4. He never wanted to leave his place and come here; he hated it in the beginning, new school, new faces, and no friends to play with. His father had taken some loan from someone and he couldn’t repay it, so he was ostracized by the society which forced him to leave the place. He saw his parents going through the toughest times of their life which made him into a sensitive person who feels that all his actions come with consequences. So he’s very self-righteous, very careful with his choices, his interactions with people, especially those who are superior to him. When he encounters the situation at Siri’s place, he feels pity for her. He doesn’t like Dinesh much, he feels whatever he is it’s only because of his father. At some level, he’s also jealous of him. On one hand, he gets vicarious pleasure that his marriage is already broken after so much fanfare on the other he feels bad for how it happened. When he sees how her family reacts to it, he fears for her life, knowing her brother so well. Both Nani and Srinu don’t like Shivudu for his aggressive nature. He doesn’t act upon Koushik’s idea of intervening because he feels he’ll also get caught in the situation and he can’t afford it especially because his wife is pregnant.

Boy 3- Srinu:

He’s lived all this life in this village since both his parents belong there. He’s the third son to his parents, so he’s always been carefree devoid of any responsibilities. He’s not someone who breaks his head over things very easily. He doesn’t think much. He’s taken his society for granted, this is how it works and this is how it’s going to be. There’s no use trying to change anything. So when Siri is dragged home by Dinesh, he reacts the same way. He knows that his help won’t serve any purpose. She was not a virgin, so she’ll obviously face consequences. Her brothers will never spare her, if he intervenes he might lose his life too. His mother also always asks him to stay out of trouble. He knows women are the weaker sex, whether he believes it or not, he accepts it. So helping Siri is out of question.

Little boy – Harish :

He’s is Srinu’s elder brother’s son. His grandmother would have asked him to see if he’s anywhere around the house, but he comes out looking for him.  When he finds him near a lane, he calls out to him and eventually joins them in following Dinesh and Siri. He gets very curious about what these men are unto and feels happy that he’s being included in their secret mission. But once he reaches their house, he starts getting scared, hearing all the yelling and shouting. His parents are very calm and dispassionate towards each other. so he’s not used to people yelling at each other like this. He understands that Siri is in trouble. Unfortunately he’s forced to witness the violence in the family.

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