Director & the crew


About the Director:

Ananya Ayachit

Ananya is currently studying MA, specializing in Direction and Sound design at Annapurna International School of film and Media. She has done her Bachelors in Art from Christ University, Bangalore.

Her passion lies in telling stories. She believes cinema is an extremely influential medium and wishes to tell socially relevant stories.

She has interned at Red Chillies Entertainment on a show called Coke Studio @ MTV season 2 in Mumbai and worked as a Director’s Assistant at Apostrophe Films, an Ad film Production House.

She has also done short films as follows:

  • Ruksar – Director
  • Banjar – Actor
  • Road – Actor / Screenplay
  • Hallucinations – Screenplay / Director
Swar Bhatt, Cinematographer

He believes there is an intimacy between a cinematographer and his camera. The possibilities of cinematography is infinite, just like music and language if not more. He doesn’t believe in sticking to a particular type of genre. However Documentary Filmmaking and Drama stories excites him. He has worked in numerous projects as a film student such as:

  • Hyper, a Telegu feature fim- internship
  • Goa – A visual Storytelling project
  • Kilig – Direction Project
  • One take Mise-en-scene
  • Khurshid Jah Baradari – Documentary
  • Chai – Documentary

Other projects includes Drama Stories.

Rajat Verma, Editor

He believes that there is a thought, which grows on to become an idea. An idea clothes itself in a story. A story then embarks on a journey. A journey where it experiences a spectrum of emotions transforming itself into Art. He likes and wants to explore the possibilities of the human emotions through the art form of filmmaking.

He has worked as a Director and Film Editor on numerous projects as a student of films.

  • Framed By Gender, Dua – Semester end Projects
  • The Lost World, Cheeni kum hai – Direction projects
  • Ruins of Nizam, Chai – Documentaries
  • Vishakhapatnam – A visual storytelling project

And other projects Comprising of various film genres.

Nandan Gandhapuneni, Sound designer

A student of Cinema, he wants to study every aspect of film making including
Cinematography and sound design. He strongly believes Cinema is more than just a
communicative medium.

He has worked as a Director, Sound designer and Cinematographer on
several short films

  • Banjar – Director / Screenplay
  • Road – Cinematographer
  • Ruksar – Screenplay / Cinematographer
  • Hallucinations – Screenplay / Cinematography / Direction.
Preksha Trivedi, Production manager

A media MBA student, who comes from an IT background.She aspires to be in the field of marketing/advertising in Media. She has done about 40 plays in which she has acted in 36 and been the production manager for four of them.

She has also worked in multiple short films as an actor or campaign manager/ production manager.

  • Zaman- campaign planner
  • Sunshine-production manager

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