What’s the story?

Kadivalam is about the wedding between the son of the village Zamindar, Dinesh and the eldest daughter of his accountant, Siri. Dinesh is the only son of the Zamindar, so the wedding is very grand. No one in the village has ever seen anything of this scale. There is unlimited meat and liquor for all,…

You’d love our #Behindthescenes!

While there’s too much active energy felt on film sets, each and everybody has a vital role to play, serious work to do, get the scenes right with no scope for error.. yet there’s always room for some fun and smiles, candid laughs, and all that jazz captured by our jolly and proficient crew. We…

Straight from the rehearsal hours!

With a very few days left for the shooting to begin, every day is crucial for the entire kadivalam team. Rehearsals are just a mere part of it, but a very important one. Here, Director Ananya Ayachit and Chief assistant director Vithala Dinesh along with the actors Bhuvana, Nidhi, Gargey and Rohith are paying a…

The characters

Now that you are familiar with our cast, its important to know who are they going to portray, what their respective characters are like?

Meet the cast

Meet our actors who never fail to surprise us with their passion for acting. The best part about them is, they know the difference between being emotional and expressing emotions!

Director & the crew

Kadivalam is not just a film but an attempt to question society’s sense of judgement! Without any further delay, let’s get to know our team!